Our Services

General Contractors 

A. Prete Construction is a leader in general contracting needs. When hired by a client for a project, we will undertake complete construction responsibility, employ and compensate all subcontractors, supply any drawings, mock ups, or material data, ensure quality control, manage safety practices, handle schedules and reports, deal with financials, comply with building codes, and produce a finalized project.

Construction Management

A. Prete offers construction management services and has extensive experience overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. We believe communication and coordination are the foundation for which successful projects are completed. A. Prete will work with clients to select the trade contractors, develop the budget, maintain the schedule, and construct the project safely with excellent quality.

Design & Build

A. Prete offers design-build services that bring both its design and construction teams under one roof. We have constructed a diverse set of projects in an array of industries and are eager to work with clients to create preliminary designs, generate construction documents, and produce architectural renderings. A. Prete assumes all responsibility for every aspect of the design and building process while guaranteeing safety and exceptional quality.