Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School

Project Description

Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School is the 1st LEED-Gold certified public school in the State of Connecticut and the 2nd LEED-Gold certified building in the State.  The school boasts one of the largest solar panel installations in the State, which provides 16% of the school’s energy. The original 1913 school building was restored and incorporated into this 21st century elementary magnet school. The 2-story, 72,000 square foot addition houses a new gym, cafeteria, kitchen, elevator, state-of-the-art media center, and an HVAC system with over 2,000 set points. The design also includes green roofs, greenhouses, a water conservation system, and a riverside nature center, which is connected to the school by a 250 foot pedestrian bridge that traverses Ella Grasso Blvd. in New Haven. 

New Haven, Connecticut