Christopher Columbus Family Academy

Project Description

The dual-language Christopher Columbus Family Academy’s theme was discovery, therefore a whimsical nautical design was incorporated throughout the school. At the main entrance, 550 students are greeted by the sculpture of Rodrigo de Triana on a mast, atop the canopy. The main lobby is inlaid with a terrazzo nautical map, which simulates the one Christopher Columbus used to find America; and sculptures of the Trade Winds adorn exterior facades. The multiple exterior veneers were installed in close coordination with the design team and artists. 

The two year construction project involved demolition of an existing concrete building, site remediation, utility relocation, changes to the city streets, and construction of the two story 80,000 square foot Pre-K-7 school with a gymnasium, auditorium, media center, cafeteria, and classrooms. 

New Haven, Connecticut